1 August 2017

At the TURKSIB INVEST FORUM-2017 «EFKO ALMATY» told about the measures of State Support for Industries

1 August 2017, Almaty, Kazakhstan – The director of the «EFKO ALMATY» LLC, one of the largest Kazakhstan Fat&Oil enterprises, took part in the TURKSIB INVEST FORUM-2017, where he told about the measures of State Support for Industries.

The TURKSIB INVEST FORUM was held on 27 June in a HYUNDAI autocenter at Suiunbai. It attracted the largest industrial companies’ senior management and the Turksib district administration to discuss the investment potential and perspectives of State support in the manufacturing field.

The «EFKO ALMATY» LLC’s director, Nurzhan Kozhamuratov, told the experts about the project that aims to create the Fat&Oil cluster in Kazakhstan with a vertically integrated business model – from the fields to the final product. The President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, approved the draft at the Board of Foreign Directors in 2015. The project consists of 2 stages; the reconstruction of the production site is being made within the first stage. Total investment has already exceeded 11 billion tenge.

«Modernization of production, considerable financial resources, and technology transfer let the company set up high quality specialized fats and margarine production of world standards within the shortest possible period of time. Moreover, it created more than 750 new jobs. It did not only cover the Republic's internal needs, but also began the supply of Kazakhstan products for export to Central Asia countries, including China. All these measures allowed Kazakhstan to change the status from a «net importer» to a «net exporter» in the Fat&Oil products», - stated the director.

Within the second stage of the project, the company plans to create a network of service and procurement centers in the Almaty region. They will provide a full range of services for agricultural producers, such as an efficient production organization, and a centralized storage and sales of agricultural goods. 7 billion tenge is an expected investment in the project.

The draft participates in a program «Business Roadmap - 2020», also it is included in the Industrialization Map of Almaty city. It is planned to be included in the Republic Industrialization Map in the fourth quarter-2017.

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