During 22 years, the Company has established itself as a reliable employer who commanded loyalty of its employees. We went through a lot: the difficulties that arise with economic crisis, the rapid growth that accompanies the development of new product lines. In each of these periods, the value of the company and its main asset were always the people. The company cares about its employees, providing them with equipped workplaces, sustainable salaries, opportunities for professional development and career growth. Even in the most difficult times, the company is doing everything to prevent mass layoffs, because we understand that we are responsible for our employees.

In the relation to staff the Company as objective as possible. Career growth and each employee salary depends solely on his relationship to the work, professionalism, experience, knowledge and skills. A career in EFKO can make anyone who is willing to relate their success to the company's success.

EFKO is chosen for:

– High and stable salaries;
– Comfort workplaces;
– Opportunities for career growth;
– High-technology production;
– Specialists’ training programs;
– Production’s support and work creation in Kazakhstan.

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