Starting 2013, as a part of social and economic partnership with the administration of Belgorod region, EFKO Group supports the Foundation for Promotion of museology, archeology and architecture of Belgorod region "Nasledie".

- Arts sponsorship

For many years, the Group has supported the Zhivoye Slovo (Living Word) children's theater (Krasnodar), a multiple award-winner of the All-Russian School Theaters Festival, cultural center's music studio of Primorskii village, Taman, Krasnodar Krai and acted as the sponsor of the regional festival of children's theater group "Rainbow Theater" in Belgorod region.

- Healthcare sponsorship

We place emphasis on aiding healthcare facilities in the regions where we operate, convinced that it is the targeted support of small but socially impactful organizations that makes the most substantial difference. For instance, EFKO bought furniture and expendables for the hospital in the Sennoy township (Temryuk Municipality), gave the first ambulance car equipped with the most modern medical equipment to the Taman district hospital and regularly provides aid to hospitals of Rovenki and Alekseevka (Belgorod Region). Starting 1997, we have been working closely with the Alekseevka Diagnostic and Treatment Center, the Group's healthcare services provider. Through EFKO's efforts, the Center has become one of the most advanced healthcare providers in the Belgorod Region.

- Sports sponsorship

Supporting sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle is one of EFKO's social policy priorities. The Group has been actively sponsoring municipal sport-related programs. We have been patrons of Sport Club Taman Municipal Establishment (Krasnodar Krai), Otdushina (Creative Escape) Sports Club (Moscow), and the Salyut-Energia football club, a non-profit (Belgorod Region). Starting 2014, football contest for young teams of Temryuk, Krasnodar Krai regularly takes place for Food Ingredients Cup.

- Dedicated targeted aid

Anyone can be helpless in the face of a disaster – which is why we pay special attention to helping people in Russia who suffered from natural and man-made catastrophes. As part of this charity line, EFKO conducts regular corporate blood drives for the Red Cross.

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