Social Policy Focus Areas and Current Programs

- HR policy and HR management

LLP "EFKO ALMATY" human resources are among its key competitive advantages. In line with that, we treat our employees as partners, with their cooperation essential for realizing the Group's ambitions. We believe that building the right working environment is the top priority in our HR policy, helping to unlock our employee potential and boost our production efficiency.

- Educational centers

We believe in contributing to innovations and social and economic prosperity of Kazakhstan by developing the intellectual potential of people. The Group has created a unique educational structure. The structure serves a wide range of educational purposes aimed at ongoing professional development of our staff and at implementing a number of social initiatives, such as retraining other companies' employees and members of the local communities towards qualifications in demand.

- Minimizing our ecological footprint

As one of the most rapidly growing players in the industry and in Republic of Kazakhstan, we see our power and resources consumption grow in line with our fast expansion in terms of geography and scope. Therefore, we comply with international best practices in environmental and occupational safety, prioritizing implementation of innovative projects and enhancing the environmental safety and efficiency of our operations.

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