The Group produces high-quality industrial fats to supply to producers of confectionery, bakery and milk-containing products and vegetable fat ice cream. We are focused on both selling our products and helping our clients reach a higher level of development. That is why we have created a unique range of technological services, including:

Development of new special-purpose fats and margarines

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Modernization of the Company's product range

Development of products with specific properties

Technological service

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Modification of the Company's products in accordance with the client's in-house technologies

Improvement of the production process by using special-purpose fats with predetermined properties

Masterclasses and training for the client's personnel

Development of recipes and technologies, creation of sample products with special-purpose fats

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Various kinds of frostings

Chocolate spreads

Sweets with a variety of fillings

Vegetable fat creams

Wafers and wafer products

Oriental sweets

Vegetable fat ice cream

Curd desserts


Processed cheese products

Condensed milk-containing products with sugar

Pastry and other products

Drafting of standards and regulations

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Specification (S): Cakes and Pastries

S, Operational Procedure (OP): Puff Pastry and Frozen Prepared Puff Pastry

S, OP: Wafers

S, OP: Sweets

S, OP: Soufflé-Like Whipped Sweets

S, OP: Biscuits

S, OP: Wafer Rolls

S, OP: Curd Spread

S, OP: Nezhny Sour Cream Product with Vegetable Fat

S, OP: Yubileyny Cheese Product with Vegetable Fat

S, OP: Curd Product with Vegetable Fat

S, OP: Cream with Sour Cream

OP: Spread

This range of technological services improves effectiveness of our clients' production and quality of their products, and enables them to extend their product range with new unique products developed in cooperation with EFKO's experts.

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