26 August 2016

Megalopolis innovations

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In Almaty, a program for accelerated industrial-innovative development is successfully implemented, covering the period until 2019. Special attention is paid on the city's leadership to support small and medium-sized businesses. To coordinate the work in this direction the business support map is developed, which will be implemented in Almaty within the next five years.

It includes about 67 projects with cost 171.5 billion tenge. In addition, it provides the 10 825 workplaces. Just in last year, seven projects totaling 4.7 billion tenge were launched and 269 workplaces were created.

All in all, under the Business Support Map, rated at the second five-year FIID, 14 projects to 21.2 billion tenge with the creation of 1 787 jobs are run.

In the second half of this year nine projects at 13 billion tenge with the creation of 1277 jobs are planned to enter. In the first half of this year was launched the project of LLP "EFKO Almaty" on the reconstruction and modernization of Fat&Oil complex at 11 billion tenge with the creation of 750 jobs. There is no doubt that in a manifestation of crisis tendencies such approaches will largely neutralize the negative aspects and will help to reduce social tensions.

In addition, constant monitoring of the planned loading capacity already introduced draft maps is carried out. For each project problematic issues are fulfilled, including those related to the acceleration of licensing procedures for land, legalization of construction and connection to the electricity and water supply. In short, everything is done in order to remove all possible bureaucratic obstacles and to promote the smooth operation of small and medium-sized businesses.

The number of participants of the Industrialization Map of the second five-year increased by three, and the number of new workplaces – in the three and a half times. More than 60 % of the projects are realized at the expense of private investment, a quarter of them – foreign.

It is worth noting that local authorities are working not only with the upstart enterprises, but also to those that have been created or maintained in the first five years of industrialization. Capacity utilization issues are solved and, consequently, the share of local content is increasing.

Almaty is considered to be a major industrial center of Kazakhstan. Today there are 1530 industrial enterprises, of which 105 are large and medium. During the first half of 2016, they manufactured products on 331.1 billion tenge. It should be emphasized that the share of manufacturing industries is about 71 %.

The total volume of manufacturing priority positions belong to the food industry – 36.2 %, machine industry – 17.5 % and metallurgy – 9.1 %.

This year the city akim B. Baibek set a task of further load of industry and increasing the share of local content. With this purpose in January, a Comprehensive Plan for the promotion of local content in the public procurement of goods, works and services and capacity utilization of the industrial enterprises of Almaty city for 2016 was approved.

With a purpose of the deep monitoring of domestic content in the procurement of state bodies, national companies and enterprises of the city, Almaty akimat jointly with the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs established a special commission, which meets monthly with the participation of heads of state programs and representatives of Kazakhstani producers. Since the beginning of the year seven meetings in the health committee, construction, energy and utilities, education, natural resources, agriculture and IT-technologies were held.

According to statistical reports, the first half of 2016 amounted to 56.1 % share of Kazakh content in Almaty. The growth compared to 28.1 % last year.

In order to develop advanced technologies in Almaty, work is continuing under the project on creation of free economic zone "Information Technology Park" (FEZ "ITP"), whose total area is 163 hectares. To date, 153 companies are registered in the zone. Of these, 64 carry out their practical activities directly on FEZ (18 have their own production facilities and 48 rent office space). Another 47 companies operate on the principle of extraterritoriality, and another 42 firms rent space in the city. Over 310 workplaces were created last year by the subjects of FEZ "ITP".

The volume actually invested funds is steadily increasing, which for the entire period of the park operation reached 18 billion tenge, including for 2015 – 2.6 billion tenge. Accordingly, the volume of tax deductions is growing: 8.7 billion tenge as a whole for the entire period and 2.1 billion tenge last year.

And volumes of output are growing as well, all of which have already reached 83 billion tenge, including in 2015 – 15.4 billion tenge.

On the approach of the second stage, in which planned to explore 140.3 hectares. In addition to this is the ongoing construction of two more projects – KBTU on 1.0 hectares of world-class and college "Касіпкор" on 10 hectares.

In July, a plant for the production of LED products "DS Multimedia" area of 2 hectares was put into operation.

In April this year the Vice Minister for Investment and Development S. Sarsenov inspected the FEZ "ITP". He got acquainted with the training center "KBTU Drilling centre", which trains personnel for the gas and oil industry. Features of the Center allow to Kazakh students and specialists to get unique knowledge, without having to travel abroad. It must be emphasized that the training complexes of this class in the world are only three: in the United States, Norway and Kazakhstan.

Also S. Sarsenov visited production plant LLP "DS Multimedia CA" on LED products. It is planned that the company will produce 25 thousand units per year (screens) and 38 thousand pieces of LED-equipment. This is the sixth plant "DS Multimedia" in the world. Previously, businesses were launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Brazil, South Korea.

In addition, during a visit the new participants of FEZ "ITP" presented to the Vice-Minister their projects in the sphere of IT-technologies: LLP "YourVision blog- platform", LLP "Personal Cashier", LLP "DigiBased" and others.

Another promising project under the GP FIID is realized in the north-western part of Alatau district of the city on the border with Ili and Karasai districts of Almaty region, on an area of almost 500 hectares. There appears the Industrial Zone. It is planned to create six industrial sectors in accordance with the priorities identified by the state program of industrial-innovative development of Almaty:

- Food industry;

- Mechanical engineering;

- The construction industry;

- The pharmaceutical industry;

- Chemical industry;

- Consumer industry.

Work has already begun an active phase of implementation of projects that have received permission for placement. When selecting the projects, the priority is given to innovative projects, cleaner production, as well as traditional industries. Currently sanctioned 33 projects with a budget of 176.9 billion tenge. As you enter the planned facilities in operation, there is planned to create about five thousand workplaces. At the same time, 19 projects included in the Business Support Map of Almaty.

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