Innovation Center Biriuch is Russian Innovative Company created in 2013 as a result of equal partnership EFKO Group’s shareholders and leading Russian scientists. R&D center focused on the innovative instrumentation. As part of the IC "Biriuch" a unique team of experts was created – mathematicians, physicists, chemists, engineers, designers, electronic engineers and programmers.

Among the key projects of high-tech instrumentation, created by a team of Innovation Center "Biriuch" were the inventions:

• submersible GPR for horizontal hole drilling;
• differential ion mobility spectrometers;
• having a record resolving power;
• industrial dual scanner for detecting diamonds in kimberlite ore mineral;
• dynamic scattering spectrometer that can determine the size and shape of the nanoparticles.

In the field of scientific research, JSC "IC Biriuch" performs research of a project instrumentation:

• ion mobility spectrometer: the development of new instruments’ types for determining small amounts of substances in the gas and liquid environments of complex composition based on the ion mobility spectroscopy, and the creation of instruments with record parameters;
• underground GPR: the development of new methods in the field of logs navigation (contrasting soil sectional layering or stratification in a surface perpendicular to the drilling, and to determine the distance to the boundaries of the producing formation while drilling) to provide accurate and reliable routing of horizontal holes;
• industrial dual tomograph: an X-ray scanner, allowing to carry out a study of the internal structure of a variety of objects;
• dynamic scattering spectrometer: creation of devices defining the size and shape of the nanoparticles on the basis of dynamic scattering;
• apparatus for defrosting and warming of cryopreserved blood products: apparatus for defrosting and heating plasma;
• project of robot "Poloz": creation of a serpentine robot prototype to solve the problems of searching and for simple urgent actions in the areas of natural disasters and man-made disasters.
Partnerships of EFKO shareholders with IC "Biriuch" scientists is based on the corporate culture, where all participants are emotionally involved in the work and they are engaged in achieving results; on the atmosphere of comfortable creative activity; on a clear responsibility allocation, mutual respect and commitment; on an awareness of all project phases significance from the concept and R&D to introduction of products to the market.

Project participants are ensured in the social protection, respected status and stability. To do this, IC "Biriuch" created infrastructure, including the health service, comfortable accommodations, a kindergarten, a school, shops, cultural and sports centers, restaurants and other social facilities.

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