Top management
Nurzhan Kozhamuratov Director of LLP "EFKO ALMATY"

Nurzhan Kozhamuratov is the Director of LLP "EFKO ALMATY" since August 2015. From June to August 2015 he held the position of CEO of LLP "EFKO Kazakhstan". Before that, for 13 years he worked in LLP "Raimbek Bottlers", where he made his way from logistics manager to company’s CEO.
Mr. Kozhamuratov graduated from Zhambyl Pedagogical Institute with the specialty "English language teacher" and got a second degree in Kazakhstan Economical University n.a. T. Ryskulov, in the specialty "Finance and Credits". Nurzhan Kuanyshevich Kozhamuratov is the holder of the "Құрмет"  order for merits in the country’s economics development.