EFKO Group has well-established sales channels. Sales are made both by its own sales departments, as well as with third-party distributors and other marketing channels.

The Company's own sales departments are in charge of the implementation of specialized fats and margarines. Direct co-operation with the clients allows to monitor the supply process and gives the flexibility to adapt to changes in procurement policy and the needs of our customers.

Involved distribution companies are engaged in sales of branded products. The EFKO company's products are available in all major national and regional networks such as "Magnum Cash&Carry", "Small", "A-Store", "Ramstor", "Arzan", "Realist", "Ayan", "Stolichniy", "Dastarkhan", "Bekker and Co", "GalMart".

The Company's long-standing customers enjoy a flexible system of discounts, including those for large orders, repeat purchase, long-term contracts, pre-payment, etc.

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