LLP "EFKO ALMATY" is one of the largest oilseed processors in the Republic of Kazakhstan and engaged in processing of sunflower and soybean seeds.

The capacities of oilseed processing LLP "EFKO ALMATY" are located in Almaty. The proximity to the main production regions of the oilseeds cultivation is one of the strategic advantages of the company.

The processing complex includes an oil extraction plant with capacity of 450 tons per day. The modern equipment and the use of the latest careful production technologies allow the company to produce goods that meet the most stringent requirements of the Russian and international standards.

In addition, the company leads in the site territory the construction of a new oil extraction plant with processing capacity of 550 tons of sunflower oilseeds per day. For oil sunflower seeds will be applied the direct extraction and extraction method that will get up to 70 % of the oil contained in the seed, while keeping all its useful properties and vitamins.

The produced crude oil is used internally by the Company for the production of food ingredients and branded products: mayonnaise, packaged oils and specialty fats, and also sold for export.

A by-product of extraction is a meal, which EFKO Group structures sold domestically and for export as high-quality feed additives for farm animals.

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